Newsletter: Spring 2009


Clover Valley Foundation: In It for the Long Haul!


For the past year, volunteers have been working steadily at the helm, continuing our effort to save Clover Valley. Here are the latest updates:

Because of the complexity and fine points of federal law, and to leave no stone unturned, we retained attorneys to help us on this front as well.


Our ten-year struggle to save one of Placer County's most diverse ecological gems proceeds with resolve. We continue to give public updates and presentations, write letters, attend meetings, and research issues. In addition, we are working to build a consortium of buyers to purchase the property and remove this jewel from harm's way.

We believe now, more than ever, that Clover Valley can and should become a regional historic nature preserve with its wondrous environmental and cultural resources protected in perpetuity.


We are pleased to announce the formation of Clover Valley Foundation's first Advisory Board. In addition to the required non-profit Board of Directors, these wonderful, dedicated volunteers comprising the Advisory Board will share their points of views and lend their expertise on a myriad of issues.

An Advisory Board brings a broader perspective to Clover Valley Foundation-we are always delighted to have additional input. A big round of applause to the following: Janet Dunlap, Suzanne Kizer, Gary Liss, Allison Miller, Elaine O'Deegan, Don Perera, Walt Scherer, Janet Thew, Ken Votaw, and Duane Wilson.


The Clover Valley property owners recently expressed a willingness to sell. We all want a "win-win" resolution.

For a single public or private entity to purchase the property would be wonderful, but given the dynamics of this project, a consortium of buyers coming together to make an offer is more realistic. Thus, if you know of philanthropic, environmental, or conservation organizations that may be interested in becoming part of a consortium to purchase the property, please let us know.

With your help-contacts, leads, and letters of support-we believe the funds can be generated to purchase all 622 acres-two miles of meandering creek, wetlands, 28,000 oaks, meadows, grasslands, scenic ridge tops, historic, and prehistoric sites. A Clover Valley Historic Nature Preserve can become a reality and enjoyed forever by generations to come.


Fundraising is at the top of the list of our most immediate needs. We have no hired staff-no employees-we are a 100% volunteer non profit organization. When necessary, we have hired dedicated environmental attorneys, but there are additional costs: court fees, administrative record expenses, consultants, research, printing, etc. Although we run a very tight and frugal ship, we know this effort could last for years. There will be new issues to pursue, leads to follow, lawsuit appeals, motions to be answered, and many other expenses that will need to be covered.

We can use your help-with the most generous donation you can afford, and/or by asking others (friends, family, neighbors, etc.) to contribute, and/or by putting on a fundraising activity, such as a small house party.

Please help us raise the funds to carry on. Use the enclosed envelope to make a tax deductible donation, order a cookbook, or tell us how you can contribute to our fundraising efforts.

Writing letters is one of the best ways to keep "SAVE CLOVER VALLEY" alive and on the front burners. Please help us by writing to ALL local and regional newspapers (Gold Country Media, Placer Sentinel, Sacramento Bee, Sacramento News & Review), and all your elected representatives. Keep them aware of community support for saving Clover Valley. If you belong to other organizations, make certain leaders know the benefits of a regional historic nature preserve.

Stay in touch — If you wish to be on our email list to receive periodic updates, make certain we have your contact information.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions. Visit our website:; email us at; or call us: 916-652-7005.

Your ongoing support is more important now than ever before. Because of citizen backing, we are able continue with this very worthwhile endeavor. Thank you for your help.