Save Clover Valley Receives Prestigious Governor's Award for 2008!

Governor's Award

We are very pleased to announce that our almost decade-long battle to save Clover Valley has been recognized with a highly regarded award from Governor Schwarzenegger's office! Save Clover Valley has been selected to receive a "Governor's Historic Preservation award for 2008." As stated in the announcement, "This prestigious award is the only official preservation award presented by the State of California to worthy recipients in recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of historic preservation …. in recognition of your exceptional historic preservation efforts on behalf of California's cultural heritage."

Our work continues as Clover Valley's most valuable resources have not been preserved in perpetuity, but this award, in recognizing Save Clover Valley's grassroots effort, validates and reinforces years of dedicated determination. The diverse ecological richness of Clover Valley, its historic and cultural significance, and its unique location as a pristine regional gem and buffer, must not be destroyed by yet another unnecessary, sprawling development. Our vision of a "Clover Valley Historic Nature Preserve" remains viable as Save Clover Valley and Clover Valley Foundation continue their work toward that end.

Your Support Is Still Important!

We continue to solicit donations from you, our supporters, as we stay the course. We can't say this loud or long enough: The fight to save Clover Valley is far from over, and we're in it for the long haul. We sincerely believe all sides can come together to work out a resolution that will save Clover Valley's 622 acres of unique concentration of wetlands, woodlands, wildlife, perennial creek, meadows, scenic ridges, historic, and prehistoric elements and, at the same time, satisfy all parties. Thank you for your years of support!

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