Situation: Why We Need Your Help

Clover Valley with its rich wetlands, perennial creek, riparian and oak woodlands, diverse wildlife habitat, historical and cultural resources, scenic views, and natural open space must be protected as a regional preserve and as a common heritage for all.

Instead of roofs and roads, imagine … a 622-acre refuge, a historical and cultural interpretive center with educational and life-long learning activities-enhancing the quality of life now and for generations to come. Instead of more traffic congestion, loss of wildlife habitat, air, water and noise pollution, imagine a precious gem in your own backyard, a place of peace that gives back to all.


Tax-deductible donations are appreciated in any amount.


Help us bring this vision to reality. Volunteer your time, write letters, speak at local meetings, help with research, raise funds, etc. Tell us what you'd like to do, and we'll try to find something for you along those lines. Of course, if you'd prefer to send money, we'll be grateful for whatever you can afford.

To volunteer, call us at (916) 652-7005 or email us.