Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Clover Valley?

Clover Valley is west of Loomis, California in the eastern portion of Rocklin, and south of Lincoln. (See locator map in Geography section of Ecology page.) If you are visiting, the best place to look down into the valley from a public road is from Park Drive. Park south of the water towers at Boulder Park and walk south, looking east to enjoy the view.

What is being planned for Clover Valley?

Currently, the proposed subdivision of 558 homes (down from 941) includes a proposed parkway, surface roads, and a commercial strip mall, all of which will carve up the valley (cuts as high as 60 feet). Wetlands will be lost as well as an estimated 7,000 oaks, and important wildlife habit will be destroyed. Clover Valley Creek is part of the critical habitat for the threatened Central Valley Steelhead trout.

What is happening or going on now?

Fortunately, no ground has been broken. For over six years we have been fighting to stop this disastrous project. Under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), proposed projects must meet strict environmental standards in order to be approved. We believe this project does not meet the standards; its impacts are significant AND avoidable with the viable alternative of NO PROJECT.

It is too expensive. How can it possibly be saved?

Price tags are relative. If little to nothing can be built on the acreage, how valuable is it? With a bit of work, a consortium of federal, state, and local agencies, along with private trusts and conservancies, and other fundraising options, could raise enough to purchase the property and take it out of harm's way.

What kind of a preserve is planned?

Clover Valley Foundation's vision is one of a preserve which would have non-invasive trails with interpretive stations, a museum, wildlife refuge, creek restoration to bring back migrating fish, and protection of all historical, cultural, ecological, and wildlife habitat.