Saving Clover Valley

Clover Valley has wonderful grassy hills, oaks, and rock formations among its many natural resources.

Spring 2021 Update

Happy Earth Day 2021

On this Earth Day April 22, 2021, Clover Valley Foundation wants you to know that we are more determined than ever to achieve our goal of preserving Clover Valley's pre-historic and natural resources for the residents and future generations of Rocklin and South Placer County. We continue working to find a solution to preserve Clover Valley. Stay Tuned!

As always, the valley is as beautiful as ever this spring with tall sweet grass and numerous wildflowers (California poppies, wild Lupine, wild mustard, Giant Fiddleneck, butter and eggs, blue dicks, and sprinkles of baby's breath) dotting the landscape. Dense succulent growths of Miner's lettuce grow in the shade of majestic oaks on the valley floor. The topaz colored leaves of the blue oak woodlands that cover the valley reflect the birth of spring as they emerge from their buds. Numerous California Buckeye trees in the valley are flowering and filling the air with their heavenly scent.

Beaver families in the valley have backed up Clover Valley creek and new wetlands are being formed as diverse wildlife species find refuge. We are fortunate to have this jewel inside the City of Rocklin. Ansel Adams, the renowned nature photographer, once visited and photographed Clover Valley on a beautiful spring day. On this Earth Day, consider taking the time to visit your local park or open space, cherish all that nature has to offer, and realize that everything in this world is connected.

The Board members of Clover Valley Foundation appreciate your continued moral and financial support in our goal to preserve Clover Valley.

Cool shade from an old California buckeye tree in Clover Valley
Cool shade from an old California buckeye tree in Clover Valley
Wildflowers on West slope of Clover Valley
Wildflowers in Clover Valley

See our News Archive to find out more about the progress we've made over the years.


Clover Valley — Last of Its Kind

This is a short video documentary produced by Sierra College Professor Sean Booth. It describes the environmental issues and what is at stake in losing Clover Valley to another urban sprawl development project. (20 minutes)

Clover Valley Foundation — Interview with Marilyn Jasper

Listen and watch the 7-minute video interview to understand why saving Clover Valley is important and critical to the region. (7 minutes)

Help Save Clover Valley

We are actively engaged in the effort to preserve Clover Valley, a beautiful and unique natural area in Rocklin, California. Read about the valley's ecology and history on our website, find out about the EIR process, or look at some of the amazing pictures of Clover Valley. Then, think about how you can help keep this valley an asset in Placer County for future generations.

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See our News Archive page for news items and links to past newsletters. You'll see the progress we've made over the last decade and some of the challenges we'e faced.

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