Saving Clover Valley

Clover Valley has wonderful grassy hills, oaks, and rock formations among its many natural resources.

December 2023: Happy Holidays to All!

In a few days, Clover Valley Foundation begins its official 25th year of working to save Clover Valley. To recap a bit: In the 1990’s, after a small group of dedicated and determined citizens became aware of Clover Valley’s pristine, secluded 622 acres that were being annexed to Rocklin, and a subsequent proposal of over 900 residential units to be built in the valley, the movement to “Save Clover Valley” began. Clover Valley Foundation (CVF) was formed and soon became its own nonprofit after first operating under the umbrella of another committed nonprofit group, (Western Placer Citizens for an Agricultural Rural Environment (WPCARE).

It’s been a roller-coaster ride with ups, downs, successes, losses, inspirations and frustrations, but the valley retains its plethora of diverse natural elements (wildlife, wetlands, woodlands, steep slopes, creek, open space, 360 degree ridge-top views, historic and pre-historic features, and more!)—all uniquely located in one relatively small, secluded, very special place.

Clover Valley: A small, secluded open space.
A portion of Clover Valley’s magnificent Open Space.

As reported last year, we fully support William Jessup University’s first-step purchase of a portion of the valley with philanthropic goals of a conservation preserve. Visit their website by going to; scroll down to “News and Stories”; and click on the Clover Valley link to learn of their “Visionary Goal”—which, if met with sufficient funding, would “Save Clover Valley” in its entirety. Be sure to check the map links also.

However, as supportive and cautiously optimistic as we are, Clover Valley is not out of the “Development Danger Zone” yet! As we celebrate Clover Valley Foundation’s 25th Anniversary in 2024, we remain strongly committed to save the entire valley—all 622 acres in perpetuity.

CVF could not have kept Clover Valley as pristine as it is for all these years without our wonderful supporters who have stepped up to help. This year, volunteers met with officials, gave presentations, spoke at agency meetings, and staffed booths at events. As an all-volunteer organization, donations to support our Mission and continue our efforts are greatly appreciated.

The CVF Board of Directors wishes you the happiest of holidays and a great 2024.


Clover Valley — Last of Its Kind

This is a short video documentary produced by Sierra College Professor Sean Booth. It describes the environmental issues and what is at stake in losing Clover Valley to another urban sprawl development project. (20 minutes)

Clover Valley Foundation — Interview with Marilyn Jasper

Listen and watch the 7-minute video interview to understand why saving Clover Valley is important and critical to the region. (7 minutes)

Help Save Clover Valley

We are actively engaged in the effort to preserve Clover Valley, a beautiful and unique natural area in Rocklin, California. Read about the valley's ecology and history on our website, find out about the EIR process, or look at some of the amazing pictures of Clover Valley. Then, think about how you can help keep this valley an asset in Placer County for future generations.

We now have the ability to accept donations through PayPal. Visit our How You Can Help page for the PayPal "Donate" button.

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