Saving Clover Valley

Clover Valley has wonderful grassy hills, oaks, and rock formations among its many natural resources.

June 2022: Exciting New Plans to Preserve Clover Valley!

After an amazing public praising of Clover Valley's natural resources, open space opportunities, prehistoric sites, and more, Placer County's Board of Supervisors (BOS) approved a generous funding agreement with Placer Land Trust (PLT) of up to $1 million at their June 14, 2022, meeting. Those funds will be used to assist in the purchase and acquisition of a conservation easement to be jointly held by the County and PLT of 487± acres in Clover Valley's 622 acres.

The conservation easement would be in conjunction with a fee title purchase of the 487 acres, "Clover Valley Preserve," by William Jessup University (WJU) at an estimated cost of $18 million. As reported in the BOS staff report, WJU and PLT are proposing to "protect, preserve and restore the biological diversity of Clover Valley, to protect in perpetuity, the significant cultural resources of the valley, and to provide experiential learning opportunities for WJU students and other local schools and colleges, and to provide educational and recreational opportunities for the residents of Rocklin and Placer County."

We cannot state strongly enough how positive this new proposal is — we are excited and support it! Full credit and applause must be given to WJU, PLT, Placer County, and others who stepped up to start the process.

For many reasons that include having so many unique, rare, and treasured resources all located in its narrow, two-mile, steep-sloped valley with wildlife and scenic ridges, Clover Valley Foundation will continue its mission to save the entire 622 acres as a preserve. Below are related, informative resource links related to the proposed plans:

Clover Valley Foundation will post updates as they become available. Stay tuned, and thank you for your ongoing support!

In Memoriam

Duane WilsonDuane Wilson — Loyal and Passionate CVF Donor

Duane loved nature and was active in efforts to preserve open space for his grandchildren and future generations. He was a supporting member of Clover Valley Foundation and volunteered many hours to preserve the last remaining open space in Rocklin. He is featured in a short documentary, "Clover Valley — Last of Its Kind," about the grassroots citizen campaign to save the valley. Donations in Duane's honor can be made to Clover Valley Foundation.

End-of-Year 2021 Update

Happy Holidays from Clover Valley Foundation!

Throughout 2021, Clover Valley Foundation (CVF) board members continued with efforts to preserve Clover Valley's wonderful natural attributes.

Quick updates: We are keeping a close watch on proposed "phasing plans," and send a big "thank you" to supporters who spoke or sent comments to Rocklin's Planning Commission and City Council (October 2021 meetings) to oppose the proposed five-year development agreement. Those efforts helped reduce the extension to four years. A local university received a donation of 100 acres in Clover Valley from the current landowner-developers. And potential funding sources are still being sought to acquire the valley and protect its natural beauty for future generations.

We welcome any and all ideas from our supporters and would greatly appreciate your providing your email address in order to facilitate rapid communication. Please send us your email.

The CVF board of directors, Doug Brewer, Marilyn Jasper, and Tony Rakocija, wish you the happiest of holidays and a great 2022.

DONATIONS: As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, CVF appreciates year-end donations for our ongoing efforts to save the valley (donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law). As we enter our 23rd year to achieve that goal, we thank our new and long-term supporters!

Cool shade from an old California buckeye tree in Clover Valley
Cool shade from an old California buckeye tree in Clover Valley
Wildflowers on West slope of Clover Valley
Wildflowers in Clover Valley

See our News Archive to find out more about the progress we've made over the years.


Clover Valley — Last of Its Kind

This is a short video documentary produced by Sierra College Professor Sean Booth. It describes the environmental issues and what is at stake in losing Clover Valley to another urban sprawl development project. (20 minutes)

Clover Valley Foundation — Interview with Marilyn Jasper

Listen and watch the 7-minute video interview to understand why saving Clover Valley is important and critical to the region. (7 minutes)

Help Save Clover Valley

We are actively engaged in the effort to preserve Clover Valley, a beautiful and unique natural area in Rocklin, California. Read about the valley's ecology and history on our website, find out about the EIR process, or look at some of the amazing pictures of Clover Valley. Then, think about how you can help keep this valley an asset in Placer County for future generations.

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