Saving Clover Valley

Clover Valley has wonderful grassy hills, oaks, and rock formations among its many natural resources.

Winter 2020 Update

Looking back at 2019 and FORWARD to a new decade in 2020!

2019 was Clover Valley Foundation's 20th year of working to save Clover Valley's wonderful natural attributes and pre-historic resources which are uniquely congregated in a serene, 2-mile long, 1-mile wide, steep-sloped valley. The economy and mortgage rates helped fuel building booms in the region, but no development activities have occurred in Clover Valley's 622 acres. This gives us time to continue our efforts to secure funding for acquisition and preservation in perpetuity of this beautiful nature preserve, open space, and wildlife habitat.

In June 2019, CVF's Treasurer, Tony Rakocija, applied for and was awarded a grant from the Rose Foundation, an organization that assists non-profits with community-based efforts. The grant will be used to evaluate various legal strategies and options to deal with the proposed "phased" development. We steadfastly monitor the situation and continue to seek potential funding sources to acquire the valley to protect its natural resources for future generations.

This year, 2020, outreach efforts will include tabling activities, working with others to explore purchase options, and attending various agency meetings on open space and land conservation. We share the City of Rocklin's vision for the Sunset Whitney Recreation Area — which provides bike trails and open space — and look forward to extending that vision to Rocklin's as yet untouched, most remarkable gem: Clover Valley.

Be sure to visit our photo gallery to catch a glimpse of what could some day be a renowned regional pre-historic wildlife and nature preserve. We welcome any ideas from you, our supporters, and wish all the best in 2020.

Summer 2018 Update

Update on Clover Valley Subdivision Plan

In the spring of 2017, CVF Board members met with the City of Rocklin City manager and his planning staff regarding the status of subdivision plans that were previously approved by the City. Despite very favorable economic conditions, the current owners of Clover Valley have yet to submit a final subdivision map that must also be approved. The City has met with the property owners and we are told that there are some potential changes to their approved development plan in the works. We do not know the extent of the revised development plans at this time.

Clover Valley Foundation's 20th Anniversary

Celebrating 20 years of success in protecting Clover Valley!CVF was formed in the spring of 1999 and our 20th anniversary is approaching. It's hard to believe we have been at it for this long but, hey, let's celebrate! Persistence and perseverance is required to save special places in this world. Stay tuned for an announcement for a special event to celebrate our efforts and our anniversary.

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Clover Valley — Last of Its Kind

This is a short video documentary produced by Sierra College Professor Sean Booth. It describes the environmental issues and what is at stake in losing Clover Valley to another urban sprawl development project. (20 minutes)

Clover Valley Foundation — Interview with Marilyn Jasper

Listen and watch the 7-minute video interview to understand why saving Clover Valley is important and critical to the region. (7 minutes)

Help Save Clover Valley

We are actively engaged in the effort to preserve Clover Valley, a beautiful and unique natural area in Rocklin, California. Read about the valley's ecology and history on our website, find out about the EIR process, or look at some of the amazing pictures of Clover Valley. Then, think about how you can help keep this valley an asset in Placer County for future generations.

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