About Clover Valley Foundation

How CVF Began

In 1999, when newspaper reports announced the collapse of the sale of Clover Valley's 622 acres to development groups, the idea of purchasing the valley to create a preserve began to take shape. Instead of the then-proposed 941-unit subdivision, which would destroy one of the last spectacular landscapes in Placer County, if not the state, a different scenario was envisioned — one that would provide a natural buffer between Loomis, Rocklin, Lincoln, and the rest of Placer County.

Chartered in 2005, Clover Valley Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit California corporation whose purpose is to preserve the valley.

Mission Statement

To protect and preserve the distinctly unique natural resources in Clover Valley including historical, ecological, and aesthetic qualities.

Vision Statement

The vision of Clover Valley Foundation (CVF) is to protect and preserve in perpetuity the almost-pristine steep-sloped, narrow two-mile long valley known as Clover Valley located in Rocklin, California, along with its prehistoric sites, wetlands, woodlands, and wildlife. Instead of the destruction which would occur with construction of the proposed 933 dwellings, roads, and infrastructure, CVF envisions the valley as an open space buffer with living museums, interpretive centers, educational facilities, hiking trails, and other passive recreational activities.