2015 — The Work Continues!

Clover Valley has wonderful grassy hills, oaks, and rock formations among its many natural resources.

"Phase I": A Proposal for 51 Units

Because of our ongoing concerns regarding unresolved issues with a 51-unit "Phase I" proposal on Clover Valley's Park Drive ridge, Clover Valley Foundation engaged the services of a law firm to send a letter to the City of Rocklin [PDF, 3MB]. The letter articulates unacceptable Phase I (aka "Montreo") negative impacts on the Clover Valley's resources. It also points out noncompliance with the City's approved resolutions and the need to meet California Environmental Equality Act (CEQA) requirements for additional review, due to potential new environmental impacts created with proposed Phase I. We are urging the City to address and resolve the issues before proceeding with any phasing. Stay tuned ….

Winter 2014-2015 Update

Although we have not seen any final plans yet, we have been informed that the City of Rocklin is currently processing a "first phase" to build 51 housing units on the northwest ridge of Clover Valley (along Park Drive) — a south-facing slope with numerous oak trees.

In the EIR process for the project, Clover Valley in its entirety was deemed to have significant archeological attributes (33 prehistoric sites including burials) by the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO), making it eligible for the National Register of Historic Places and qualifying the entire 622 acres as an Archeological District under federal cultural resources preservation law. At issue is whether any "first phase" of development on this beautiful ridge may be allowed, given that Clover Valley qualifies as an Archeological District and that construction potentially impacts the District's eligibility qualifications.

We believe that before a first phase can be developed,

  1. The required Historic Properties Management Plan must be completed and approved by CA State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO); and
  2. State and federal regulatory agencies must weigh in with their requirements for this first phase (as they apply to wetlands, drainage, historic and archeological sites treatment, etc.).

It's quite obvious that the developer does not share our opinion. Thus, we are consulting with our legal team and cultural resources professionals and will insist that the City enforce all state and federal agency mitigation measures, honor all "agreements," and strictly follow permits that need to be issued.

Our work continues because of wonderful long-time supporters and dedicated volunteers who continue the grassroots efforts to Save Clover Valley — now in its 16th year!

… and More …

Our waitin' and watchin' continues, and here's a little update of our activities. We had been told (and seen supporting lot maps) that the owner/developer would like to build on the ridges where the infrastructure is already in place (water, sewer, etc.). However, the agreed-upon and required mitigation measures are not so flexible or simple. There are other conditions that must be fulfilled and federal permits to be obtained.

We met with the City of Rocklin who confirmed the "discussions" to build on the ridges had taken place between the City and the owner/developer. To stay on top of any applications, we were told we should check back on a regular basis—which we did. In late July (2013), we were informed that apparently the "first phase" is not going to occur at this time, but we'll keep watching!

We stand firm in our belief that with its wetlands, diverse wildlife, oak woodlands, perennial creek, steep slopes, and unique pre-historic sites, Clover Valley's future should be as a pristine, historic nature preserve—not roads and rooftops.

Our long-time supporters will never know how much their support means to us. Such dedication inspires us to stay on this journey to Save Clover Valley. We are so grateful—Thank you!

Still Waiting, Still Watching …

Although time wise, the year (2012) is going into the home stretch, we have not seen any activity with the proposed Clover Valley development. We've contacted federal agencies that must grant permits, state agencies that authorize stream alterations, and other regulatory agencies, but all appears to be quiet on the Clover Valley "front." With reports that real estate activity in Placer County is picking up, we will continue our efforts to stay on top of any Clover Valley changes.

We believe a "Clover Valley Historic Nature Preserve" is the best option for citizens, City of Rocklin, Placer County, developers, and future economic development for the region with Clover Valley as a natural and beautiful tourist destination and educational resource. The diverse wildlife inhabitants of Clover Valley that need a refuge from the "squeeze" of urban growth would appreciate the 622 acres as a preserve as well!

Our effort to save Clover Valley will soon be entering its 14th year. As we've said before, "Stay tuned...." and thanks for your ongoing support!

Disappointing Update — Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Development

The 3rd District Court of Appeals announced its decisions on July 8, 2011, and ruled in favor of the proposed development (Justices Nicholson, Hull, and Robie presiding). Our petition was reviewed by many learned CEQA attorneys who concurred with our position and claims as being solid and valid. Athough we knew we were "underdogs" going in and do not agree with the decision, we will study all options and continue our efforts to save this very special landscape. Our resolve and vision remains: Clover Valley should become a historic nature preserve. We intend to work with all parties to that end.

We wish to express, again and again, our deepest gratitude to the thousands of supporters who also share our vision and help us stay the course. We will post updates as we proceed with a vision of bringing a "Clover Valley Historic Nature Preserve" to fruition.

A Court Date — At Last!

After more than a year from our filing the briefs, our appeal is scheduled to be heard in the 3rd District Court of Appeals on April 25, 2011, at 9:30 am. Although no decision is expected to be announced that day, all sides will present their case to a panel of three justices. The hearing is open to the public, but be sure to call the court to confirm both the time, date, and location as the court house is being remodeled and postponements may occur. The temporary location is: 621 Capitol Mall, 10th Floor, Sacramento. To confirm, call the court clerk at 916-654-0209 before heading to Sacramento.

A very special thanks to all of you who have stayed the course to save this wonderful valley—now going on 12 years. Your donations are always welcome. Use the PayPal "Donate" button or visit our How You Can Help page.

What's been happening …

From attending workshops and tabling at many events, including awesome Earth Day gatherings and festivals, 2010 has been a very full year, all the while waiting for our appeals court date. From our beginning in 1999, with only volunteers and no staff, we have now worked over a decade to "Save Clover Valley." We could not have persevered this long without public support.

No matter what the event, many people visit our Clover Valley Foundation booth, and inevitably, visitors ask two questions:

  1. "What's the latest?"
  2. "Isn't this over with?"

The "latest" is that we are in a holding period until we have a court date. Then it will be all hands on deck, and we will need your help with fundraising. And no, it is not "over with" at all. After the appeals hearing decision is rendered, depending upon the outcome, we still have a number of options to pursue.

We are giving it our best, but we have no control over what lies ahead in the courts. Nor can we be certain of success in having the property turned into a historic nature preserve, which would be a wonderful outcome. However, we can state with 100% absolute certainty that our resolve is as strong as ever. We are in this for the long haul. To that end, we hope to continue to work for a win-win-win result that would benefit all parties. And we continue to give thanks for all our loyal supporters!

Video Interview

Listen and watch a seven-minute video interview to understand why saving Clover Valley is important and critical to the region.

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